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Interview Room Recording Systems

Denevi’s Digital Detective System features one touch dual recording.

Records Direct to DVD and a Digital File with one touch of a button HD & SD systems available.

One room & Multiple Room systems Systems are Custom Configurable for all needs

Denevi Digital Systems Feature:

• One Touch Recording
• Dual Recording System
• Direct to DVD Disc
• Direct to Digital File
• Hi-Resolution Video
• Digital File Backup
• Live Remote Viewing
• Archived Viewing: Local & Remote
• Password Protected
• Record Log
• Time and Date Stamp
• Picture in Picture
• Long Term Storage Option
Backup Recordings to:

• DVD disc
• USB Drive
• External Hard Drive
• Network Storage System
CCTV Video Security Systems

• IP and HD Video Surveillance Systems
• High Resolution Cameras
• IP and HD Systems
•1080P & 720P Systems

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Video Production Service

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